Preventing Automatic Installs In iOS 10

I don’t know if this behavior bugs you or not, but it sure bugs me big time! Here is how it goes. I install an app on my iPhone and it automatically installs on my iPad. I do not need my iPad and my iPhone to be exactly the same. I guess what I am say is I want to retain manual control of what apps get installed on each device.

Turn Off Automatic Installs

Some of my apps are on both devices for a reason. However, some iPhone apps are not coded for the iPad and they just don’t look good. Here is an example of my Rachio Sprinkler Controller app which I use on my iPhone:

See the “1X” down in the lower right corner? That indicates this is an iPhone app that is running on the iPad. Most of the time these apps just don’t look good. I would prefer to use a dedicated iPad app or none at all.

Here is how to turn off this behavior if it is bothering you. Go into Settings on your iPad and tap on your Apple ID at the top of listing (this is for iOS 10):

Then tap on the “iTunes & App Store” link. You will be taken to this window:

If Automatic Downloads is turned on for Apps, just tap on it and turn it off. You are all set. By the way, the text below these controls explains what Automatic Downloads does FYI.


I suppose this is not such a big deal. However, now I can see to it that my iPad and iPhone are setup just the way I want them.