Mac101 – The Finder Inspector

If you use your Mac even a moderate amount you are constantly interacting with the Finder. For better or for worse, it is what it is. I am sure you are familiar with many of the Finder’s more well known commands. I just wanted to mention a lesser known feature that may be useful to you from time to time.

The Finder Inspector

If you have been using the macOS Finder for any length of time, then you have used Get Info Command ⌘ + “I” in the File menu:

When you do a Get Info on a file or folder you get a small Finder window like this:

There is a bunch of information on the file up top and several different bits of information like File Permissions as you move down the window. That is standard stuff right?

What if you wanted to get information on several types of files at one time? There is a way to do that called the The Finder Inspector. It is kind of a modification of the Get Info Command. To use The Finder Inspector you select a file, go to the File menu and select Get Info. When you do, hold down the Option Key ⌥, it turns into “Show Inspector”:

Show Inspector used on a file looks about the same as Get Info:

Now, you leave the window open and just click on another document:

The information from the second document appears in that same window. Now leave that same window open and click on another document:

The information from THAT document appears in the same window. You can do this ad infinitum. Not a big revelation, but if you were looking through several images for example, doing some kind of comparison, using the Show Inspector command would be very handy.


This is just a small item to tuck away in the Finder folder in your brain for future use or to impress your friends.