DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac

A lot of the software I test comes from ads that I receive. Sometimes I use the “Trial” version of the app and sometimes I am sold on it and buy it on sale. I have been using DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac for a few days, got it on sale and I really like it.

DoYourData Erase Files & Folders

There are times when you need to erase files and folders on your Mac, SD Card or USB Flash Drive. Sometimes you just need to erase (wipe) a whole hard drive, format it and use it for a different purpose. There are endless applications for an app like DoYourData. Maybe you are selling a Mac and want to wipe it. Perhaps you have purchased a used Mac and wish to start off with a wiped drive. Whatever the purpose, there are always reasons for wiping media.

Yes, you can use the Apple’s Disk Utility app to do some of these things. However, a dedicated media wiping app is the way to go if you are serious. Keep in mind DoYourData uses Military Grade Wiping Algorithms. It is a heavy duty wiping app.

Here is the main window of DoYourData:

All you have to do is click the “Add” button and DoYourData presents a window. You just have to drag files and/or folders into the window and click on “Erase Now” and the app gives you this warning:

Once the erasing is done you get this “Complete!” window:

Keep in mind now, DoYourData does a military grade erase. I use software that can recover erased files. You cannot recover files with this type of software once DoYourData has erased a drive.

DoYourData Wipe Free Space

You can wipe free space on a device. I did a test of this on an externally connected USB hard drive. If the drive is of any size this takes quite a while:

However, it does not damage the files that are already on the drive, it just wipes the free space.

You can wipe an entire drive with DoYourData. In the old days we used Disk Utility to “Zero” out a drive by writing ones and zeros on the entire drive which over writes whatever data is present. However, DoYourData has more advanced grades of erasing at it’s disposal.

DoYourData Algorithms

DoYourData has different levels of wiping. If you look under “Erase Algorithms” you will see various degrees of wipes:

As you can see, you can use military grade wipe tech to clean off your media. Keep in mind, if you start wiping a device 7 times or more you are looking at letting things run overnight.

DoYourData works with macOS Sierra. They have a Windows version. Between the Mac and Windows versions, DoYourData can handle just about every hard drive format. There is nothing on their website about the new APFS file system coming in High Sierra, but I am sure the app will be updated to handle it. If you go to their web page you can see the file systems and devices that are listed. Basically, it can handle just about anything.

I almost forgot to mention, DoYourData has an Internet Cache cleaning utility built in to it. I use other apps for this functionality.


Let’s face it, we may not need to wipe a device that often, but when you do, you want it done thoroughly. DoYourData is up to the task. It costs $19.50. If you do any kind of work with hard drives or other media it would be useful to have around.