High Sierra Photos

As you know I have been testing the “new & improved” Photos app in macOS 10.13 High Sierra Beta 4. It is very similar to the current Photos with a few nice improvements. Last time I talked about Photos I took a look at the Editing area. Today, I want to look at the new layout of the app.

Photos Layout

First, Apple has moved the Photos, Moments, Collections and Years functionality to a tabbed menu across the top of the window:

I really like this move by Apple. Using these areas from the top of the Photos window is much more intuitive in my opinion. Everything is right out in the open instead the old way where access to these areas was an arrow in the upper left corner of the Photos window.

Second, the stuff in the left sidebar is more organized into folders. I really liked that, it is just more efficient and understandable:

This includes a new Media Types folder that contains things that used to be out in the open in the current version of Photos. This all adds to the new organizational layout of Photos, it is really good.


I suppose these changes are not monumental, but they are very welcome. The High Sierra Photos is as fast as ever. I think you are going to like it.