High Sierra Photos Compare Button

I have covered several new features in the High Sierra version of the Photos app. It really is “new and improved”. At first I did not notice this, but Photos has a “Compare Button”.

Compare Button

Other photo apps refer to the Photos Compare Button as “Before and After”. This feature is just used to compare your currently edited version of a photo with the Original version. It is kind of a temporary “Revert to Original” feature. Here is what that looks like.

This is a photo in High Sierra Photos without any editing. It is a RAW format photo:

Like I said, it is a RAW photo. It definitely needs processing. I just did some basic editing on the photo by increasing the Light and Color:

Now, if you want to look at the original all you have to do is click and hold on the little Compare button up in the left corner of the Editing Window. Here is a small movie file showing how that works:

You do not have to click the Revert to Original button and switch back again. You just have to click on the Compare button to see the effect of you’re editing.


This is not big deal, but it is a nice feature can save you time. This is just one of several nice additions to the Photos app in High Sierra.