High Sierra Photos Right-Click

I have covered several new features in the High Sierra Photos app. The new features make the app much more useable in my experience. The Right-Click menu would probably go unnoticed, but there are a couple of new things in there that are pretty handy.

Photos Right-Click

If you open a photo in the new Photos app and right-click on it you get several new items in that menu. This is not in the Editing area, it is still in the viewing area. I am going to start with my favorite new feature Edit With:

I do most of my editing with the Photos app editing features. However, there are times when I want to use the capabilities of a more sophisticated app or at least an app that has a feature Photos does not. It is very convenient to have it in the right-click menu instead of having to go into the main Editing area of Photos.

The Share menu is about the same as the current version of Photos. But, Apple has added an Add To in the right-click menu:

This allows you to add a photo to one of your albums. This is going to be handy. Typically, I make an album of photos, then I discover I missed adding a photo or two. I can use this command to add the photo to the already created album.

Then there is the Create feature in the right-click menu:

You can use the right-click Create menu to create a booklet, slideshow, etc. You can access this feature elsewhere in Photos, but it is nice to have it right up front in the right-click menu.

The Get Info menu is included in this drop down. It is pretty much the same as the current version.


Keep in mind this is the High Sierra Beta version of Photos . Things may change for better or worse, but I sure like what Apple is doing to improve Photos in High Sierra.