iOS Deleted Email Duration

This applies more to iPhones than iPads because iPhones do not have as much storage space. One of the things one monitors when using their iPhone is the amount of free space available. With all the videos and other large files these days your iPhone can fill up quickly.

iPhone Email Deletion Times

There are different ways to free up storage space on your iPhone from getting rid of photos to deleting applications you no longer use. However, I want to mention yet another way to retain free space on your iPhone and that is setting the deletion duration of email. You can set your emails to delete immediately of choose other duration times that suit your needs. You make these choices in the Settings Mail area:

On the next screen tap on Accounts:

Once you are in the Accounts area tap on iCloud:

In the next screen, scroll down and tap on Mail:

Once you are in the Mail area you have to scroll down and tap on Advanced:

Finally, in the Advanced area scroll down to the Deleted Messages section and tap on Remove:

You will end up in the Remove settings area. Here you can set the duration that your email messages are retained. The default is “After one week”. If you are tight on space you might prefer “After one day”. People with lots of storage space on their iPhones may choose “Never”. It is entirely up to you.


There are different ways to free up storage space on your iPhone. The email duration setting is just one of many, but it might just do the trick for you.