iOS Mail Notifications

I probably use iOS more on my iPad Pro than my iPhone, but I do use the iPhone a moderate amount. Sometimes Notifications on the iPhone can get in the way of what I am doing. They can be just downright annoying. So, the thing to do is to modify them so they are out of the way, somewhat.

iOS Notifications — Airmail App

What I am referring to more than anything else is email notifications. I will be doing something on the iPhone, tapping and dragging away with my finger, and down pops an email notification from my Airmail email app. So, I wait for it to go away and resume what I was doing. That drives me nuts! Apple Mail can do the same thing depending on your Notifications settings. Here is how to adjust notifications a bit so they don’t drive you crazy.

Go into the Settings area in iOS and tap on Notifications:

You will be taken to a screen listing all the apps that are currently doing Notifications. In my case I tapped on Airmail:

I was taken to this screen with all the Notifications settings in the Airmail app:

You can see Notifications is turned on and it is set to have a dropdown banner. Of course you can turn off Notifications altogether if you wish. This is what I did. I set Notifications to “ON”. However, under “Alert Style When Unlocked” I chose “None”:

So, I still get notifications on my lock screen which is handy. I can quickly see what is incoming. But, I no longer get a drop down notification while I am doing stuff in iOS. I do get a sound so I know something has arrived. I can finish what I am doing and check on the arriving email as time permits.

iOS Notifications — Mail App

Adjusting Notifications in the iOS Apple Mail app is similar. After entering Settings / Notifications just scroll down to the Mail app:

On the next screen tap on “iCloud” and you will be presented with choices essentially the same as the Airmail App:

It is a little different than Airmail; however most of the settings are the same.


If various notifications are getting in your way in iOS, just go into the Notifications Setting and adjust them to you’re liking. You can do this for other apps like Messages, calendar apps and others. Tap on the app in the list and see what you can do with it.