Mac Safari DNS Issues

I have complained about DNS (Domain Name System) issues in macOS Safari on prior occasions. Just do a search on Macessence for “DNS” and you will find several articles. DNS is the address system for the Web. Sometimes there is a DNS bottleneck on your Mac which slows browser activity. However, there is a way around this.

Alternate DNS

Your Router assigns a Default DNS to your Mac. You Mac then uses this Default DNS to access the Internet. However, the Default DNS can be very slow at times, especially using the Safari web browser. There is just too much “latency” resolving various server addresses. Sometimes using an Alternate DNS from a private company can speed up your web access. I have talked about and used OpenDNS in the past, it works pretty well. However, after reading an article on the Net I gave Google Public DNS a try. I am glad I did. It has really improved my Safari browsing speed.

If you are not aware or just do not recall how to add an Alternate DNS to your Mac then follow along. Go into the Network System Preferences area:

Once in there, select “Ethernet” and then click on the Advanced button:

You will be taken to this window with your systems network information. To add an Alternate DNS click on the DNS Tab:

You will be taken to a window that shows your Default DNS setting:

All you have to do is click on the “Plus” symbol in the bottom of the window and add the address for Google Public DNS:

Add in the first row. Click on the plus symbol and add in the next row and click “OK”. You will be taken to the main Network window once again:

Click on the “Apply” button and your new settings will be applied to your system. You can see the new Google Public DNS settings in the middle of the window. I Restarted my Mac after doing this, but I am not sure that is necessary. I would definitely Restart Safari.


I have noticed a definite improvement in Safari’s web page speed since changing to Google Public DNS. The slowdown with Safari has always been the DNS latency of actually retrieving the address of a web page. That has been greatly improved with Google DNS. It will not hurt to try it. I say if you are having Safari slowness issues, give Google a try.