Coherence 5

In my computer travels I come across many different apps that do different things. The days of there not being many apps on the Mac platform have been long gone for quite a while. I have recently acquired an app called Coherence 5 by BZG. It does one thing and does it pretty well.

Coherence 5

What does Coherence do? Coherence is a small application that allows you to make an app out of a website page. You may be asking, “how would I use this functionality?” After all, I can just go to a web page when I want to do so. This is all true, of course. However, I think I have found a use for it, at least for my needs. But first, lets take a look at how it works.

When you open Coherence it presents this window:

You type in the name of the app, then the URL of the website. You can even get the website Favicon if you wish. Then, click on the “Next” button and you are taken to the Extension Manager:

I guess I should mention Coherence works with Google Chrome. Perhaps they will make it work with Safari in the future. In this Extension area you can add any extension to this app you wish. Of course, the extension has to be installed in your version of the Chrome browser. This is a really nice touch. What if the app you are creating is a web page requiring a login? You can add your password extension, in my case Dashlane.

Once you finish with the extensions, click “Next” and you can choose your App Style, either a Standard App or Tabbed App:

You can also choose to save Coherence apps wherever you wish. It defaults to the Applications Folder, but if you create several of these you might want Coherence apps to have their own folder. In my case I clicked on “Standard App” and received this message:

You just click OK and you are done. Here is the app in my Applications Folder:

It really is easy to do, and kind of fun. But, how would you use this?

Perhaps there is a website that you login to every day for your work. It is a daily thing, so you just make an app out of it and put it in your Dock. Maybe there is an obscure website you use only on occasion for a certain purpose. You cannot remember the name of it so it is just easier to make an app.

That is how I am using Coherence so far. I do woodworking and need to make conversions from decimals to inches and fraction conversions as well. I have a website that I use for that purpose, but I only use it occasionally. So I made the app called Converters and placed it in my Applications Folder. When I double-click on it I get my conversion website:

You click on the appropriate link for your type of conversion and away you go. The window does not come up with a lot of controls, but it definitely is using the Google Chrome engine. When you quit the app, everything quits.

You can kind of get this functionality by using Safari the “Open in Dashboard” command in Safari. It allows you to make a link to a webpage in the Dashboard section of the macOS. But, Coherence is much more versatile and powerful. And, does anyone use Dashboard anymore?

Coherence 5 costs $4.99 from their website. It does one thing and one thing only, but it seems to do it pretty well.


I don’t think the capabilities of Coherence 5 are a must have, but it might come in handy for some people. It all depends how they can integrate it into their workflow.