High Sierra APFS File Format

Apple just released High Sierra Beta 8. They are on an accelerated path, releasing an update to High Sierra about once a week. I installed the Developer version of the Beta today, it works great. It is very fast! I think you are going to like it. I just want to mention one more thing. It is always a big decision to know when to install a new Mac OS. macOS High Sierra is no different. The big deal about High Sierra is whether or not to upgrade your macOS to the to the new APFS file format or remain on HFS+. I am using APFS in High Sierra Beta, no problems. But, I only have a few software apps installed there. You might want to read this article by the creator of Carbon Copy Cloner, the Mac cloning app. It pertains to upgrading to the APFS file format. I recommend that you read it. I have not made up my mind yet on whether or not I am upgrading to APFS or not. You can always do it later if you wish. I will probably wait and see how things work for other people initially, then we will see.


PS – I came across this information on Apple’s website, which is an addendum to this article. Apparently, you have to upgrade to APFS file format if you are running a straight flash drive (SSD) system. Fusion drives will not be changed, yet. But if you are running a Mac laptop with only flash storage for example, you have to go to APFS if you upgrade. Another reason to hold off for a bit when High Sierra arrives, I think.