iOS 11 Calls On Other Devices

Does this ever happen to you? You are away from your iPhone, perhaps using an iPad and you get a phone call. The call comes through on your iPad, your iPhone and probably on your Mac. Some people might find this convenient, I find this terribly annoying. I hate trying to take a call on my iPad. But, you can turn off that “feature” in iOS 11.

Calls On Other Devices

If receiving calls on all your devices bugs you, here is how to regulate it. On your iPhone, go into the iPhone Settings area:

Tap on the Phone setting and then scroll down to “Calls on Other Devices”:

Once in that area you will see the settings for “Calls on Other Devices”:

If you do not wish to receive ANY calls on other devices just turn it off at the top of the window. However, in my case I wish to turn off the top iPad in the list so I will stop receiving phone calls on my iPad:

I just tap on the slider to turn that device off and I am done. Sometimes I do receive calls on the Mac, so I will leave those settings “On” for now.


If receiving phone calls on several devices at once bothers you, just go into the Phone Settings area in iOS 11 and turn off the devices in question.