Made for Facebook

I don’t know if you are an avid Facebook user or not. I guess I would say I am a moderate FB user trying to keep in touch with friends and family, especially people that do not live nearby. If you are at least a moderate FB user, you might be interested in this nice little app, Made for Facebook by FIPLAB.

Made for Facebook

In days gone by I accessed Facebook like most people. I either used a web browser on my Mac or the Facebook app on my iPad. I do NOT track FB all day long like some folks, preferring to check it out in the evenings on my iPad while watching TV or something. There are times though, that I access it from my Mac using Safari while I am working on other things. If you are interested in accessing FB from your Mac you might try I nice little app called Made for Facebook. It costs $9 (on sale right now for $5) from their website and it seems to work quite well.

Here is the main window of Made for Facebook, it looks just like a Facebook account in your web browser:

Obviously, the page is full size, but I did not want to expose other people’s information here. Trust me when I say, the regular page in Made for Facebook looks exactly like a normal FB page. It display’s your Facebook page just like in the FB App or a web browser.

Here is how Made for Facebook works. In the General Preferences area you set it to “Start at login”, “Show icon in dock” and “Hide window at startup”:

The App needs to be running in the background. When you wish to activate it you click on the Menubar icon or click on it in the Dock itself.

There are a bunch more settings in the Notifications Preferences area:

It lets you set all kinds of stuff based on how you wish to be notified of various FB activities. It really is quite sophisticated.

There is one more thing about Made for Facebook I wish to point out. In the bottom left-corner of the app window there is a little gear symbol. When you click on it you get this menu:

You can access Preferences from here. But, what I like about this menu is “Reset App Window”. When you choose this command it centers Made for Facebook in your Macs Desktop. Generally, when I am using a single, one-off app by itself I like to have it centered in my iMacs screen. So, using the “Reset App Window” command centers Made for Facebook for me and away I go.

Follow-up Comments

Made for Facebook works very well. It is very fast and shows your whole Facebook account. Basically, it accesses your Facebook account and displays it inside their app window.

You can have multiple accounts. So, if you have a personal account and say a business account you can add them both to Made for Facebook. Or, maybe you want to add all the accounts associated with your household.

FIPLAB states that Made for Facebook is more secure because it accesses your FB account over HTTPS which basically is the secure form of HTML. I got the impression from perusing their website that accessing your Facebook account via Made for Facebook might be more secure than using some web browsers.

Last, but not least, I really like the notifications features. I can have Made for Facebook running in the background and see what notifications come in from my Macs Notifications Center. If I wish to pursue something that I see I can, or just put it off until evening when I do my usual FB activity.


Made for Facebook is a nice little app. If you are a Facebook’r, it might be just right for you. It probably is not a must have, but it is nice not to have to depend on a web browser which you use for other things to do Facebook. You can just open Made for Facebook, do your thing, then put it away. Made for Facebook costs $9.99 from FIPLAB.