Quitting Apps in iOS 11

I installed iOS 11 on my iPhone 6s and my iPad Pro 10.5” yesterday. The installs were flawless, no problems at all. Immediately after the installs, several of my Apps on both devices updated. Man is iOS 11 cool. It really is different with the Dock system. One thing I could not figure out right a way was how to force quit Apps on the iPad.

Force Quit Apps

I suppose this is pretty lame, but iOS 11 is so different than previous iOS versions I just kind of spaced on putting Apps away. I know people leave all kinds of Apps running all the time, but that is not me. I leave few apps running that I use frequently. Apps that I use in a kind of “one off” way I use them and close them. If you were wondering how to close Apps in iOS 11 on an iPad, it is really simple, of course.

When you are in the home screen of your iPad double click on the Home Button just like usual:

This is the iPad Pro with iOS 11 running. There is the Dock at the bottom of the screen, the Control Center to the right of the screen (more on that in another article) and you running Apps in the center. If you have more than a few you have to scroll left to right to see them.

All you do to quit an App is to touch the App and drag it off the top of the screen, like so:

It is that easy and kind of a no brainer. I should have been able to figure that out, but alas, I just spaced it.


I will have more articles on iOS 11 for sure. There are plenty of changes, all for the good as far as I can tell. If you have not upgraded to it yet, I highly recommend it. Remember, if you still have 32 bit apps running on your iOS Device, they will not work in iOS 11.