Carbon Copy Cloner To The Rescue

I have used Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) for many years to clone Mac hard drives. It is excellent software. I highly recommend it. Recently, I discovered the SSD on my wife’s 2011 MacBook Air was dying (more on that later). When I decided to clone over the SSD to another HD in preparation for a replacement SSD, I got a pleasant surprise.

Cloning Over The Network

I am just going to take you through setting up this clone in CCC. First, I clicked on the “+” button at the top of the sidebar of the App window:

CCC creates a new Task in the sidebar, in this case it is labeled “Untitled”. You start by clicking on the “Source” icon to select the source you wish to clone. CCC drops down a list of available drives that it sees:

Check out the last item on the drop down list. I was so surprised to see “Remote Macintosh”. I had no idea CCC could do a clone over a network! When I selected “Remote Macintosh”, CCC presented this drop down window:

When I selected my wife’s Air, the “Connect” button activated. I clicked on “Connect” and got this screen:

Apparently, you can select a volume or even a folder to be cloned. I selected Macintosh HD and clicked “OK”:

CCC performed the clone over the network which took about 2 hours for 50 GB. However, at the beginning of the clone it did give a warning message that the SSD was damaged and the clone may take longer than usual.

I have since booted up the new clone of the Air and it boots just fine, even though it is from a dying SSD.

It is so cool to be able to clone a drive over the network. For a while there I was wondering how I was going to connect the Air to my Mac. I cannot take out the Flash SSD and put it in a Drive Sled like I would a drive with SATA connectors, the Flash SSD connectors are not the same as SATA. I am sure there are connectors for Flash SSD cards that you can buy, I may have to get one. But, for now CCC has got me covered.


The ability to clone over the network is great functionality for a cloning App, it sure is convenient. I will have more on info on the SSD replacement of the Air in future articles. I ordered a new SSD Flash card from OWC (Other World Computing).