Integrity plus

I have read about the Integrity plus App from PeacockMedia for a while now. I considered getting it to check the links in various websites that I have. I ended up getting it in a bundled software purchase from Bundlehunt. It was pretty reasonably priced that way. Here is how it works.

Integrity plus

Integrity plus is hyperlink checking software. The basic version of the App is available in the App Store. It checks the links in your websites and advises if any of them have been changed at the source or are damaged and not working. The “plus” version of the App which I have will do more than check hyperlinks. It will check image links, install a sitemap of your site and a few other things. If you run several websites, this App can come in really handy. Here is the main window of the App:

You add a website by clicking the plus symbol bottom right-hand corner of the window. There are various settings over to the right of the window. I added “Check for broken images” to my website scans. If you want to know what all these settings do, click on the little info icons to the right of each item. Integrity plus pops out a window explaining that item:

After you have added the site and finished with your settings select “By link” from the tab bar and just click the “Go” button. Here is one of my websites where no problems were found:

Here is the scan of another much more complicated website:

When the App highlights a link in yellow it is indicating a minor problem. To see what the issue is just double-click on the highlighted link:

The only change in this link is from “http” to the “https” prefix. Many websites are doing that now for added security. That is not a big deal, the address will re-direct to the correct website. However, you can change it on your website if you wish. Then you can click on the “Mark as fixed” button in the bottom of the window. First, you might want to click on the “Re-check this link” button just to be sure it is working properly after you have corrected it.

Here is another link that has a re-direct from another website. In this case the address change is not minor, it is a completely new address:

In this case I would definitely go to my website creation software, add the new web address and upload the page to the net. If you look in the upper-right corner of the above window you will see a small arrow. If you click on that arrow you are taken to the correct website address for that link. It is just a good idea to confirm that the linked page is the correct one.

Integrity plus highlights completely broken links in red:

If you double-click on it you will see there is no re-direct, it is just broken:

However, Integrity plus shows you the page location of the link and the actual link text or image. That is very helpful information for correcting the problem.

There are several Preferences for the Integrity plus App:

I am not going through them all. You can do a free trial of the app and check them out for yourself.


In my opinion Integrity plus is a must have App for anyone producing websites. It works great and can help you resolve issues with your site. The sitemap feature is an added bonus. The $15 price tag is well worth it. Or, perhaps you can find it on sale like I did.