PhotoSweeper Followup

In my previous article on the very cool PhotoSweeper App I covered most of it’s functionality. Today I want to finish one area in the functionality department and cover a few of it’s Preferences. This App really has helped me clean up my Photos Library.

Series of Shots

I did not cover the Series of Shots function last time. It is kind of like Similar Shots. Series of Shots is really designed for cameras that have the speed photo capability of taking a series of shots back to back. After you have selected your Photo Library and clicked on the “Compare” button you can choose Series of Shots from the “What to Find?” Menu:

I think the “Time Gap” is the most important setting here. When you take multiple speed shots of a subject the gap between photos is quite fast, maybe 1-2 seconds, depending on the camera.

Once you are finished setting up Series of Shots, just click the Start button and you are presented with the same type of comparison window:

You scroll through and click on the photos you wish to remove. There are times when the photos have enough dissimilarity that I leave them both.

I have one giant warning for using the Series of Shots setting. On occasion, when I was using this setting and scrolling through the photos it picked out, the two photos were not similar at all. Why am I mentioning this? Because, I don’t think you want to use the “Auto Mark” feature here. As a matter of fact, my photos are very important to me so I do not plan to use the “Auto Mark” feature at all in this App. I am sure it will do a good job, but I prefer to scroll through the photos manually and mark them as I go along.


There are several Preferences in the PhotoSweeper App. I only want to mention a couple of them. The Filters Preference lists all the image types PhotoSweeper can handle:

There are a bunch of them including Panasonic RAW and RAW 2 for my Panasonic FZ1000 DSLR. I was very happy to see that. The other Preference is the Auto Mark settings:

You can tweak these settings to fine tune the Auto Mark procedure. You may be able to get them to a point where you will trust Auto Mark, but I prefer to play it safe and just do it manually.


That is about all I wanted to say on PhotoSweeper. So far, it is the best duplicate photo removing App I have found. I am still using it to fine tune my Photos Library. It is worth the $9.99 price. The App has more features, but I have covered the main ones. There is a free trial available that lets you remove 10 photos. That should be enough for you to get a feel for how the App works.