I mentioned some To Do list type apps recently. I also said I have been using Apple’s Reminders App as a list application. It works fairly well and I can use it on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. In my To Do list research I came across an App that has been around for quite a while, Wunderlist. I used this app in the past, but it was kind of clunky so I stopped using it. However, it is new and improved. I think I may start using it again. Here is how it works.

To Do List ONLY!

Wunderlist does all kinds of scheduling, it has lots of reminder functionality and other goodies. However, the only thing I am using it for and the only thing I want to cover in this article is To-Do List functionality. That is the only way I am using the App. By the way, Wunderlist is free, you can subscribe to a paid version for $4.99 a month. I am just using the free version.

When you first bootup Wunderlist it has you create an online account. This account is accessed by all your devices so the information you put in is always synced. This includes access via a web browser.

The Wunderlist window is almost exactly the same on all devices. Here is the macOS version:

Your To-Do lists are contained in the left sidebar. You add a To-Do list by clicking on the “plus” symbol in the bottom of the sidebar:

Just enter the name of the list and hit “Return”. The list is assigned to a user (in this case it is me, Doug):

If you look right above my account name you will see a place where you can add other members to this account. So, if you wanted to maintain a shopping list with several members of your family, you would add them right here. Then they could all add and remove stuff from the list. Let your conscience be your guide here. You may end up with all kinds of stuff your don’t want to see on that list so add people with discretion?

Your new list appears in the sidebar:

To add items to a list you type them in the entry area at the top of the window:

Just hit “Return” and the item is placed at the top of the list. You can drag items up and down in the list as well.

There is a contextual menu in the Mac version that lets you do lots of stuff to an item:

The only thing that matters to me on this menu is “Delete To-Do” at the bottom of the list.

Before I get to the iOS version of Wunderlist I just want to share how I use this type of App. I usually add items to the App on my Mac and sometimes on my iPad with a wireless keyboard. I do not add stuff using my iPhone, it just takes too long. I use the iPhone version when I am at the store to reference the items, removing them from the list as I add them to my cart or basket.

iOS Version

Lets take a look at the iOS version of Wunderlist. As you can see it looks very much the same as the Mac version:

When you first open the App you have to sign in to your account, then your lists appear on the main screen. You add items in the same way as the macOS:

Here is the only thing that bugs me about the iOS version of Wunderlist. When you are finished with an item you slide it to the left and tap the delete garbage can:

However, the App does not delete it immediately, it asks you if you wish to delete the item requiring a second tap on the screen. Not a big deal, but to me not very efficient. It would be neat if there was a setting in the App that allowed a direct delete of items.

However, there is another way to do this in the iOS version. You can tap that little square next to the item and the item is removed. But, it is placed in “Completed Items” area for later deletion:

So, here is my workflow with Wunderlist. I add items to a list with my Mac or iPad just like I always have with other List Apps. I can then rearrange them in whatever order I prefer on the Mac or iPad. Then, when I am at the store, I tap the little square next to the item when I want to remove it from the list. It disappears from view and I keep shopping. Now, I am finished shopping and am back home. I access Wunderlist on my Mac, there will be a list of the completed To-Do’s from the store:

I just “Select All” (Command ⌘ – “A”) to select all the completed items and, right-click on the items and select “Delete Selected To-do’s”:

Yes, that is one extra step to keep your lists clear, but no big deal really.


If you are looking for simple To-Do list functionality, Wunderlist will meet your needs. Once you get used to the interface, it really is easy to use. The price is right, it’s free!! Also, it works over Wi-Fi or Cellular networks so people can add stuff to your list while you are at the store. My wife does that quite frequently. Since the App is free it does not cost anything to try it out and see if it works for you.