High Sierra Cocktail

I have used several utility type Apps on my Mac over the years. One that I have previously mentioned is Cocktail by Maintain Software. You can do a search on the Macessence blog and find several articles on Cocktail. I have been using the High Sierra version of Cocktail of late. For whatever reason, I just noticed some very useful features.


You can do all kinds of the typical system maintenance with the Cocktail Utility App. It does a nice job. Maintain Software makes a version of Cocktail for each separate Mac OS. A lot of utility App Developers are doing that these days. Here is the main window of Cocktail when you first boot it up:

All you have to do to run the cleanup utilities on your Mac is click “Run”. Imagine that! Cocktail performs the cleanup routine based on the Preferences you have setup:

All well and good right. However, in the most recent iteration of Cocktail I stopped tweaking the myriad of settings long enough to notice a couple of very cool features.

First, there is the Utilities Menu in the menubar area:

This is totally cool!! I know it has been there since the Sierra version of Cocktail and maybe even before that. Maybe I did not notice this menu before because in the “old days” you could actually find some of those Utilities on your Mac, but Apple has pretty much hidden them away these days. Accessing them in Cocktail is simple. Just select them from the menu and Cocktail opens them from their hiding places on your Mac. Here is the Network Utility which I use from time to time:

I also use Wireless Diagnostics occasionally:

This is so much nicer than looking all through my machine for these various services.

The second feature is the Menu Extras drop down menu:

What are Menu Extras? They are all those little icons in the upper-right corner of your menubar on your Mac. This is not quite as useful to me, but still kind of handy for accessing something that you do NOT have in your menubar area already.


The Cocktail people have always maintained (pardon the pun) this App very nicely. It is very well coded and works great. If you are in need of a Mac Utility App, I highly recommend Cocktail. It is just plain useful.