High Sierra Upgrade Pestering

It seems Apple is almost desperate to get people to upgrade their Macs to macOS High Sierra. So much so that they have started pestering people who have not upgraded yet to upgrade their machines. Here is a great article on how this is taking place. But, what if you cannot or do not wish to upgrade right now?

macOS Installer Notification

A couple of weeks ago Apple decided to download a small app called macOS Installer Notification onto people’s Macs who were not running High Sierra. This little doodad constantly asks you to upgrade to macOS High Sierra. I guess it is in hopes that people will click on the upgrade inadvertently or just get fed up with it and upgrade. I consider this to be very intrusive behavior. It is just a bad idea from the mothership.

Upgrading to High Sierra is potential risks, not the least of which is switching to a new file management system called APFS. My upgrades to High Sierra went fine, but other people are having some difficulties. Besides that, some people’s mission critical software has not been upgraded for High Sierra compatibility yet. Making your software work on a brand new operating system takes time.

So, what can you do if you are still running macOS Sierra or an earlier OS? I have done considerable research on this. The thing to do is remove the macOS Installer Notification app that is installed on your machine. To make sure this works I partitioned off one of my external hard drives and installed macOS Sierra on it from my Tech Drive. Once Sierra was installed I just let it run for a few hours while I did some other things. When I came back to the Sierra install I checked to see if the macOS Installer Notification file was there (it was not installed initially). Yes, there it was in all it’s annoying glory. Here is where you check for this file.

Go onto the main Library area of your hard drive. This is not in your user account Library, but on the main level:

In my case the drive is named Sierra. Yours will be named Macintosh HD unless you have changed it. Click on Macintosh HD, then on Library. You will see a whole bunch of stuff that is in the main Library folder including one called “Bundles”. If you click on “Bundles” the macOS Installer Notification file is exposed. It is actually called OSXNotification.bundle. Delete that file and empty the trash. Then do a Restart just for good measure. The nagging notifications about going to High Sierra should stop.


I have had very few problems with my upgrades to High Sierra. However, if you are not ready to go there or you cannot go there then just hang where you are. Apple will work out the bugs eventually. The latest update to 10.13.1 is helpful, the next one will fix more stuff.