iOS 11 Reachability

Now that I have my new iPhone 8 plus I am trying to get familiar with using it with one hand. I love this phone, but it does present some challenges for one-handed use. To help with this, Apple has included a feature called Reachability in iOS 11. It is pretty handy, here is how it works.

iOS Reachability

The Reachability feature enables you to drag your iPhone screen down from the top so that the icons at the top of the screen are reachable with one-handed use.

Before you can use Reachability you have to turn it on in the Settings area. Once in Settings go into General:

Next, enter the Accessibility area:

Now all you have to do is scroll down the screen and make sure Reachability is activated:

When you are back on the main iPhone screen just tap twice on the Home Button and the screen will slide down:

You tap lightly, you don’t actually click the Home Button. This is how you do it for and iPhone 8 and below. For an iPhone X you just swipe down from the bottom of the screen because there is no Home Button.


I must admit, about 80% of my iPhone 8 usage is with two hands. However, when I am using it with one hand this Reachability feature will come in handy.