iPhone One-Handed Keyboard

Since I have been using my iPhone 8 plus I have learned to use iOS 11 features like Readability to assist in one-handed phone use. I just discovered another feature for us large phone users, the One-Handed Keyboard. It is really easy to switch to a One-Handed Keyboard in iOS 11, here is how it works.

One-Handed Keyboard

I am going to demonstrate the One-Handed Keyboard feature using the Messages App, but you can do this in just about any App that uses a keyboard:

All you have to do is tap and hold the Smiley icon (be sure to hold on it, not just tap it). When you do, iOS 11 presents this popup screen:

In my case, being right-handed, I would tap on the keyboard on the right side of this popup. When I do, the keyboard moves to the right side of the window:

Of course, if you are left-handed then you would choose the left side keyboard. Now, it is somewhat easier to type with one hand on the phone. When you are finished with the One-Handed Keyboard, just swipe that arrow to the left and the regular keyboard appears:


I do not type with one hand too often, but when I do I am sure this feature will come in handy. Using the “plus” size iPhone takes some getting used to, but Apple at least makes an attempt at making it easier to use.