Photos App New Albums

I use the Album structure extensively in the High Sierra Photos App. I take lots of photos and it is just easier to make Albums of events for later viewing than looking through all the photos in general. However, creating an Album in the Photos App has changed.

Album Creation

When you created an Album in Photos prior to High Sierra you clicked on a “plus” symbol in the upper right corner of the App window. It was a little clunky, but it worked. Apple has streamlined that process a bit. They have moved Album creation to the drop down contextual menu. So, you select the photos you want in an Album, then right click on one of them to get this menu and choose “Add to”:

Just select “New Album” and the Album is created in the Photos Sidebar waiting for you to name it. Of course, you can use the “Add to” command to add photos to an already existing Album which is pretty handy.

There is another way to create a new album. Select the photos you want in the Album, then move your mouse over to “My Albums” in the sidebar. A plus symbol appears:

Click on the “plus” symbol for the drop down menu and select “Album”:

A new Album is created in the sidebar waiting for you to give it a name:

After I name the album, then I drag it to the appropriate year which is usually the most current one.

You can also create a new album from the File Menu, but these two methods are the most efficient.


Well, this is no big deal I guess. I wanted to point out this new Album workflow because when I went to create a new album in Photos in High Sierra I could not figure out how to do it at first.