Photos Editing Controls Visibility

I have been using the new and improved High Sierra Photos App for a while now. I like it, but some people have had some complaints about the interface. Case in point is the visibility of the Editing Controls when editing photos.

Editing Controls

Photos has added some new editing controls, but I am not so sure the Editing area is easier to use. The problem with making the Editing area black with white text is that anything that is in the gray color area does not show up well.

Here is the Editing window on my iMac:

You may have to strain you eyes a bit, but each of those Editing areas has a turn-down triangle next to it. When you click on the turn-down it expands that particular editing function, standard operating procedure in many Apps.

The problem seems to be that some people are saying those turn-down triangles are missing and they cannot open that particular Editing area for further adjustment. On my iMac, I can see the turn-downs, but I must admit they are grayed out, not easy to find.

I got to wondering why other people could not see these turn-downs. So I did some experimentation. I thought it might be related to how people had the Contrast set on their Macs. I went into the Accessibility Pref Pane:

Those are my current settings in this Pref Pane. But, check this out. If you check “Increase contrast” the turn-down triangles in the Editing area of Photos just flat disappear:

I hope you can see the difference in the screenshots, but if you cannot please take my word for it. They no longer are visible if you turn on “Increase contrast” in System Preferences. You can still guess where the triangles are and click them open, but what a pain if you are editing a bunch of photos.

By the way, if you adjust the “Display contrast” slider it does not affect this issue. The “Reduce Transparency setting does not affect it either.

One more thing here. I booted into the High Sierra Beta 4 and tested this in Photos and System Preferences. This issue is not fixed as of this time. Perhaps it is supposed to be that way and will or cannot be fixed. I don’t know, time will tell.


So, what is the solution. For now, I think it is to uncheck “Increase contrast”. However, Apple needs to fix this (if it is fixable). People using the “Increase contrast” setting should not be penalized for it.