Space Drop

It is totally cool that there are all kinds of little one-off Apps that add or improve on the macOS. One kind of App in this category is Apps that allow you to move stuff in the Finder or Desktop area. I have tried several of them including a neat little App by FIPLAB called Space Drop. Here is how it works.

How Space Drop Works

I must admit that my go-to App for this type of activity in the macOS is the PathFinder Shelf. You drag an item or items to the Shelf, navigate to where you want, and then deposit the item. Space Drop works somewhat like this, but it is nicer to use, especially for moving stuff off your Desktop. Space Drop costs $7.99 direct from FIPLAB or from the App Store. Here is how it works.

After you install Space Drop it puts an icon in the Menubar. You can also have one in the Dock if you prefer. When you start to drag a file or folder, the Space Drop zone slides out from the side of your Mac:

You drop the file onto the slide out window, navigate to where you wish to place the file and then just drag it into the new location. If you look at the above image, there are several files loaded into Space Drop. I moved these all at once by Shift-clicking to select them all and then dragging all of them to their new location. It is “JUST” that easy!!

If you click on the Space Drop Menubar icon it allows you to set the Window Position:

You can place it on either side of your Display. I have mine on the Right Side, Middle. I would experiment with this to see what works for your workflow.

Space Drop Preferences

Space Drop has one Preferences area:

As you can see you can set the App to do or not do all kinds of things. I have mine to “Start at login”. Another good setting is to “Remove items when they’re dragged out”.

The Window Behavior area has some cool settings too:

I have my Space Drop set to “Near cursor position when you start dragging”. This so convenient. When you start to drag a file, the Space Drop window just appears right next to your cursor. You just have to drop the files into the Space Drop window right there instead of moving them to one side of the window or the other. It is super handy.

There is also an Appearance area:

Here you can set the color of the Space Drop window and make a few other alterations to how the App behaves.


If you are a “mover and a shaker”, you move a lot of files around on your Mac, I highly recommend Space Drop. For only $7.99 it is a great way to improve your overall Mac workflow. I will be using it from now on that is for sure.