To MP3 Converter

I have used a MP3 audio file converter program for a long time to slim down large MP3 files. However, this App does not work in High Sierra. I went looking for a new MP3 converter program in the Mac App Store. There are bunches of them. I finally settled on To MP3 Converter by Amvidia. It is a very cool App.

To MP3 Converter Preferences

I have to begin this article with a giant caveat!! I am NOT an audiophile. I am just not an audio person. So, whatever I do in the area of audio is just what I need to do and nothing more. Having said that, for the past few years I administer a series of lecture audio files. All I really need to do to is downsample them from a rather large MP3 to a much smaller MP3 file. It really does not affect the sound quality that much, they are only voice audio, no music involved.

Since the App I use for this function does not work in High Sierra I downloaded and use To MP3 Converter. I am using the free version, you can pay to activate additional features. To use this App all you do is drag your MP3 file into the main window and it automatically converts it based on the Preferences in the App. So, before I show you it’s actual operation, I think it makes sense to go through a few of the Preferences. This is the main window of the App. You access Preferences by clicking the gear symbol in the upper left corner of the window:

This brings you to the “General” tab of the Preferences:

Here is the deal. I do not know what some of these settings mean. If you are an audio person, you will know more than me. Suffice it to say, the App is quite sophisticated so there are lots of Settings to tweak.

Here is the Format Tab:

You can setup all kinds of audio quality settings in this area. I use a low Bit Rate and Sample Rate to make my file smaller. It seems to work just fine with just the spoken word. The Bit Rate and Sample Rate have drop down menus:

There is an Effects area which I have not used, but which may come in handy for more serious audio editing:

There is also a Tags Preference area:

Now, before I leave the Preferences area I want to mention a nice feature of the App. If you hold the mouse over the Settings in, say, the Format area it pops out a Tooltip explaining a little about that Setting:

This is so cool for someone like me who knows very little about audio editing.

To MP3 Converter Operation

Once you have your settings all adjusted all you have to do is drag and drop your MP3 file onto the App Window and it converts based on your Settings:

If you look closely you can see the file I am downsizing is about 100MB. When it is finished converting (it took about 3 minutes for this file) it gives you a complete window1:

If you look back to the main window of the App you will see a button that says “Show in Finder”. If you click on that you will get a message that says it only works in the pay version:

The pay version has other features like batch converting and some other goodies. If you do a lot of audio file conversion you may wish to pay for the “Pro” version of the App. It is for sale on the Mac App Store.

Now, lets go take a look at the finished converted file. It is placed in a folder in your Music folder area. A Get Info on this file shows it’s size:

If you look closely you can see the file size has been reduced to 18.8MB. That is quite a size reduction. The finished audio file is fairly good quality, good enough for what I am doing with it. If you wanted better quality, you would up some of your Settings.


If you do occasional audio editing and/or converting it would not hurt to give To MP3 Converter a try. Just use the free version from the Mac App Store. Of course, if you are a heavy audio conversion person, it just makes sense to get the “Pro” version of the App. It works great and is quite powerful.

  1. Obviously, the thing to do here is to experiment with the Settings and see how your files come out.