Drive Genius DrivePulse

After writing my recent article on the SMART Utility App I got to thinking about a very cool feature of the Drive Genius App called DrivePulse. I have done a previous overview type article on DrivePulse. However, I want to go into a little more detail here. If you are using the excellent Drive Genius Mac Utility App, you should be running DrivePulse.


Here is what DrivePulse does in the background in it’s monitoring routines:

Drive Pulse Features

I have not noticed any hit on the speed of my machine with this running. Like it says, it runs when the Mac is idle and stops when it is being used. By the way, If you click on DrivePulse Preferences you get this dropdown menu:

DrivePulse Preferences

There are several Preference settings, but check this out. You can set DrivePulse (actually you are asking the Drive Genius engine to do this) to scan for malware. Drive Genius incorporated a Malware scan in version 5 and it works pretty well. I should mention here when you open Drive Genius to start DrivePulse, the “Preferences button” reads “Activate”. You just click on it and DrivePulse is off and running and the button changes to “Preferences”.

DrivePulse places an icon in the menubar listing all your hard drives, both internal and external:

DrivePulse Menu

It shows the SMART status of the drive and other information like Physical Check. DrivePulse will perform a physical check of each hard drive every month or so.

I have had DrivePulse running for about a week now. After it had been running for about 24 hours it reported a problem with my external USB 3.0 SSD drive. It said the drive needed to be repaired. So, I booted into Drive Genius and ran the “Repair” routine on that drive:

Drive Genius Repair

After the “Repair” routine was finished DrivePulse said everything was OK again with that drive:

Drive Genius Repair

It has not reported any problems with that drive since that time.

I think I should mention a couple of caveats here. My version of Drive Genius is Beta, they have not released the final version for High Sierra as yet(1). Also, I usually leave my iMac on all night which gives DrivePulse a lot of free time to run its maintenance routines.


There are lots of Apps that monitor the SMART status of your Mac drives. However, if you already own Drive Genius (I cannot recommend it more highly) then just turn on the DrivePulse feature. It just runs in the background and could be a life saver to prevent loss of your data.

  1. The regular version was just released yesterday.