On occasion I will buy several small apps in a bundled software offering. I don’t usually end up using all the Apps, but a few seem to stick. Most of these Apps have one-off type functionality for a specific task on the Mac. Just recently I did one of the these bundles and re-discovered a neat little App called iAddressX from Tropical Software.

iAddressX Capabilities

iAddressX interacts with your Contacts on your Mac. It resides in the menubar. If you need to interact with one of your Contacts you just click the menubar icon and it displays whatever you have setup in your Mac Contacts App:

You can open your Contacts App from here or just access a contact via the Fly Out menus.

iAddressX organizes your Contacts in different ways. It displays your Contact Groups, but it also offers an alphabetical list of all your contacts. The alphabetical list is handy if you don’t remember where a contact is located:

To access a contact you just roll your mouse over a group which then produces a pop out menu. Most of the time, this menu can be quite long. You scroll down the menu to the contact. Once your mouse is over the correct contact another pop out menu displays the contact information for that person or business. As you roll over the various information like email or phone number, iAddressX displays a small menu of choices that are pertinent to that type of data:

I know this image is small, but I think you can get the idea if you squint a little.1 I have not used iAddressX to do any phone calls yet, but I have used it to email, iMessage and post a calendar event. It works very nicely with the macOS.

iAddressX Preferences

iAddressX has quite a few Settings you can tweak. The “Menu” Preference area allows you to choose what the App displays. You do not have to display every Group. I have chosen to disable “Contacts by Country”, I just don’t need that:

In the “Persons & Groups” Preference area you can choose what information to display for each contact listing:

IAddressX is very granular allowing you to setup how the App works to your hearts content. The Persons & Group area allows you to streamline how your contacts display. For example, I do not need to see someones Birthday or their Maiden Name. I just want the ‘down and dirty’ stuff like email, iMessages, calendar, etc.

As you would expect, “Persons & Groups” allows you to choose which Groups you really need:

And, if that is not granular enough, you can tell iAddressX what the default is for each Action:

You can tweak this App Ad Infinitum. iAddressX really is quite sophisticated.

There are other Settings in iAddressX. You can download iAddressX to try it out if you wish. This is not a bad idea, the App costs $19.95 in standalone form. I got it for a lot less in a bundle purchase. However, if you are constantly using contact information through out the day, it may be worth it to you. It does save a little bit of time and is very convenient.


I don’t think every Mac user needs iAddressX to survive. But, for many busy Mac users it may be a real help in streamlining your daily workflow.

  1. Right-Click on the image and choose “Open image in new Tab” so see a larger version.