iOS 11 Lock Screen Notifications

Lately I have been working on making my iPhone 8 plus more secure. Part of this process involved taking a look at onscreen Notifications. One of the things that kind of bugged me was all the Notifications appearing on my Lock Screen. I guess what I am saying is I don’t think other people need to see what email or texts I am receiving unless I choose to reveal it to them. So, this is how I fixed it.

iOS Notifications

Have you ever looked in the iOS Settings Notifications area? There are tons of Apps listed in there with all kinds of variables when it comes to Notifications. Of course, you can tweak each App to your hearts content. However, I was looking for a more global fix to the Lock Screen Notifications issues.

To change this feature just go into the Notifications area in your Settings:

Once in Notifications tap on “Show Previews” at the top of the window:

Now you have choices. You can turn off Notification Previews altogether if you wish. But, the solution for me was to just select “When Unlocked”:

I still get a Notification on my Lock Screen, but it just has minimal information like what App it is from. It does not contain the actual information from the App:

The above image shows a Notification from Airmail, but the actual text information is not showing. Now, I like that much better.


If you think not showing your Notifications information on your iPhone Lock Screen is overkill, just leave it set to “Always”. If you would like a little more privacy, it is easy to implement.