You probably think I am a total Mac security head case with all I post about security. I think Mac users can get so into the security of their machine that they border on obsessive. On the other hand, taking at least a moderate interest in your Macs Security is a pretty good idea what with all the malware and virus junk out there these days. Along the lines of Mac security I came across a neat little free App the other day called LockRattler. Here is what it does for you.


I found the LockRattler App on this website that I monitor. It is a free App and is currently in development. I am using the latest 4.1 version. LockRattler monitors the status of all Apple’s security updates on your Mac. Here is the main window:

LockRattler Main Window

It shows you the status of SIP at the top and then the various status’ of the other security features Apple has built into the macOS. If you click the “Check” button it makes sure that Automatic checking is “On” for Software Update:

Software Update Check

If you click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the window you get three results:

Software Check

Here is how these buttons are explained by the Developer:

There are now three different options in checking for updates. The first simply runs a background check for security and critical system software updates, installing any that are available, but not going near more general updates. The second merely lists available updates and doesn’t download or install any of them. The third downloads and installs all available updates, including security and critical updates.

I just want to make note of something here. The third button will install ALL pending updates including security updates. If you do not wish to install other updates on your Mac at this time, then do not use that button. Just use the first or second button to check for security updates only and then install them. As you can see from the above image, my iMac is up to date for security stuff.

This is a free App (at least at this time). I say download and give it a try. If you don’t find it useful just delete it. I am running it in macOS High Sierra with no problems. I am not obsessive about it. I run LockRattler maybe once a week just to make a quick check of my system. By the way, every time you do something in LockRattler it requires you to Authenticate. That is to be expected. After all the App is all about security, right?


This is not a must-have App by any means. However, it does not hurt to check on your systems security status from time to time. Apple updates these security items in the background while your Mac is running. But, many people complain that they do not get these updates up to a week after the update is released. Go figure right? So, with LockRattler you can force Apple to install the security updates. Imagine that; I never thought I could force Apple to do anything!