Turn Off Apple Pay Cash

Both my wife’s and my iPhone are updated to iOS 11.2 The latest iOS update has brought some needed fixes and features. One of the things iOS 11.2 installs is Apple Pay Cash. Apple is making a big deal of this. I am sure for some people it will be useful, but as far as we are concerned, it is just annoying.

Turn Off Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash is just an extension of the Apple Pay system on your iPhone. If you turn off Apple Pay Cash it does NOT turn off Apple Pay. You probably already know that through Apple Pay Cash you can send money to other people using the Messages App in iOS 11.2. I did not pay this much attention when it came out in iOS 11.2 because I knew I would not be using it. However, it came to my attention when my wife brought her iPhone to me with a nag screen for setting up Apple Pay Cash. Almost immediately, I had that nag screen on my iPhone 8 plus as well:

I don’t have kids in college. I don’t need to send money to anyone (but you can send me some if you wish ?). So, I set about turning off Apple Pay Cash. To do this go into Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay:

Once you are in there you will see Apple Pay Cash as the first listing:

iOS 11 turns on Apple Pay Cash automatically, so it will be on in your iOS device. All you have to do to turn it off is tap on the slider:

You will get this message. Just tap Turn Off:

Once you have done that, Apple Pay Cash is off and you will stop getting the nag screen. Just a reminder here, this does NOT turn off the original Apple Pay feature.


I am sure Apple Pay Cash will be useful to some of us. But, it may be just a nuisance to others. Either way, it is not difficult to turn off or to turn it back on if you change you mind.