ByWord Blogging

I am always open to trying out new blogging software. Recently, I went back to using the new MarsEdit 4.0 blogging App on my Mac. However, there is no iOS version of MarsEdit. I do not do a lot of blogging from iOS, but once in a while I will do an article from my iPad, like this one!! So, I am experimenting with different blogging Apps on the iPad. What better way to test iOS blogging software than to write a blog post in it. So, I decided to test out the iOS version of Byword, a writing App that uses Markdown.

ByWord Blogging

ByWord is primarily a writing environment. It bills itself as “distraction free writing”. They added WordPress blogging capabilities a while back. So, you can write with ByWord, then send the text as an article to your blog. ByWord uses the Markdown language, but you reall don’t need to know Markdown to use ByWord.

Here is the main window in the iOS version of ByWord:

ByWord Controls

Most of the controls that you need run along the bottom of the window. You can use the Markdown language to perform these functions, but if you do not wish to know a lot of Markdown, you can just use these buttons at the bottom of the writing window. You cannot see some of these features (like images) in the editing environment, you have to go into the Preview mode to see how things look.

You can store ByWord docs on the iPad, in iCloud or Dropbox:

ByWord Locations

Besides posting my blog articles to WordPress, I have chosen to store them in iCloud. That way I can access them from my Mac if I need to do so.

ByWord Tools

There is a Preferences area of ByWord iOS. They call it Tools:

ByWord Tools

I don’t know if you can see it or not, but you access Tools by tapping on the menu symbol in the upper right corner of the Editing Window. In the Tools area you can Preview your article which is handy. There are other typical settings including a place to setup your blog.

Speaking of blogs, ByWord iOS allows you to setup up the following blog types : WordPress, Tumblr, Medium and Blogger. As far as I can tell, it does not allow you to download your already posted blog articles, just to create articles and post them.

There are a few things missing in ByWord for iOS. It does not allow you to Schedule a post. I use that feature extensively. And, it does not allow a Featured Image. To overcome this I have to Publish the article and then go into WordPress, add a Featured Image and Schedule the article. Kind of a hassle, but I will only be using ByWord on an occasional basis.


ByWord is more than adequate for my occasional times I write a blog article from my iPad. If you are looking for an iPad blogging App, I recommend giving it a try. There is not much risk in it’s $2.99 price tag. Give it a try, see how you like it.