Creating App Menu Shortcuts

The macOS had the capability to create your own menu shortcuts for many years now. I have not used that functionality too much, being satisfied with what my various applications had to offer. I have been doing the Macessence blog in the excellent MarsEdit 4.0 blogging software. It has a function called Link New Window that allows me to setup an html link in my document to “open in new window”; my preferred way to setup links to offsite web addresses. However, MarsEdit does not list a keyboard command for this function.

Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the MarsEdit Format Menu with the Link New Window command:

Link New Window

As you can see, it does not come equipped with a keyboard shortcut. To use this command I have to move the mouse to the Format menu and select it every time. So, I decided to create a keyboard shortcut for the MarsEdit App.

You create your own keyboard shortcut for the macOS or for a third party App in the Keyboard Pref Pane:

Keyboard Pref Pane

Once you are in there, click on the Shortcuts Tab and then the App Shortcuts in the left sidebar:

Keyboard Pref Pane

Now, make sure App Shortcuts is selected and click on the plus symbol at the bottom of the window. You will get this drop down:

App Shortcuts

I don’t show this, but all you have to do is click on the “All Applications” drop down and choose the App in which you wish to add the shortcut; in this case MarsEdit. In the “Menu Title” box type the exact name of the command from the App. In my case that was Link New Window. Then, you have to add a keyboard shortcut. This may involve some trial and error to see what works with the other keyboard shortcuts in the App in question. Here is my finished product:

Link New Window

That keyboard shortcut works great in MarsEdit. Here it is in the menu:

The new menu

Whenever I want one of my links in MarsEdit to “open in a new window” all I have to do is select the main text, press my keyboard shortcut of Option ⌥ + Command ⌘ + “W” and paste in the html page address in the box that appears in MarsEdit.


If you have been using a Mac for a long time this may be no big deal. But, I can tell you, it sure comes in handy for my MarsEdit workflow. I use lots of links and I open most of them in a new window.