iOS & Mac Messages In The Cloud

One of the things that was supposed to happen in macOS High Sierra was syncing of all texts in the Messages App on all devices through iCloud. Well, I am here to tell you that in the next iteration of High Sierra (10.13.4) it is operational! I have tested this in the High Sierra 10.13.4 Beta that I am running and it works great. 

iCloud Messages

When you install High Sierra 10.13.4 Messages iCloud syncing is turned on automatically. And, it really does not show anything if you login to iCloud in Safari. There is nothing to see, it just works. Here is the setting in the Mac Messages App Preferences:

Messages Settings

I had to blur out a few names and numbers here. If you do not wish to have this feature activated, you can turn it off. Although I am not sure why you would want to do that. I am using my iPhone, iPad and Mac throughout the day and I really appreciate having my texting in the Messages App synchronized.

Here is a text that I did in the High Sierra 10.13.4 Messages App:

Messages Text

I added a text to my wife. This text came up almost instantly in the Messages App on my iPhone:

iPhone Text

This is so cool! I do a fair amount of texting. Now, all my texts will be synced between devices. I can start a conversation on one device and carry it forward on another device. All my devices are “on the same page.”


I know there are improvements under the hood in High Sierra 10.13.4 OS, but adding the Messages iCloud Sync capability is totally awesome.