macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Update Disected

Yesterday I mentioned the recently released High Sierra Update 10.13.3. I installed it from the App Store, then decided to re-install it using the combo updater. All is well, 10.13.3 is quite snappy. As is usually the case, Apple did not release a great deal of information about the update. I did a little searching around and discovered information on what really got updated.

10.13.3 Update

First of all, the 10.13.3 update contains Firmware updates for several different Macs:

iMac17,1 to 0147 B00

iMac18,1, iMac18,3 to 0153 B00

MacBook10,1 to 0156 B00

MacBook9,1 to 0162 B00

MacBookPro13,1 to 0215 B00

MacBookPro13,2, MacBookPro13,3 to 0238 B00

MacBookPro14,1, MacBookPro14,2, MacBookPro14,3 to 0169 B00.

It looks like the Firmware Updates were mostly for newer machines. My 5 year old iMac is not in there for sure. Back in the day, Apple used to issue Firmware Updates as a separate update, but no more.

The notes on the update mention fixing an issue in the Messages App. But, check this out. Several macOS Apps received some type of update in 10.13.3 albeit ever so small:

App Store
Automator, and most if not all actions
Safari, bringing it to 11.0.3
System Preferences
Time Machine
Activity Monitor
Boot Camp Assistant
Console, but this remains at version 1, and lacks the facility to browse back in the live log
Disk Utility
System Information
VoiceOver Utility.

Now, don’t go doing any cartwheels yet. All this list means is that these Apps received some type of attention from the last iteration of High Sierra. It really could be some small thing, it does not necessarily mean there were new features added OK. But, because the Apps received some type of attention is good news. Here is my suggestion. If you are having trouble with some specific feature in one or more of these Apps, I highly recommend testing that particular feature after installing the combo updater of 10.13.3. You never know, whatever Apple Software Engineers did to the App in question may just be your hoped for solution.


All of this is no being deal really. It is good to keep in mind that the information Apple includes in an OS update is just the most important, main stuff. They are always doing little tweaks and fixes to other stuff in the background which is encouraging to say the least.