Maps App Weather

I use the Maps App on my Mac occasionally and fairly frequently on my iPhone 8. Apple has made great strides in improving the Maps App, it is very useable. There are lots of cool little features in the Maps App if you take the time to go through the program. One of those features that I just noticed is the weather.

Maps Weather

If you open the Maps App on your Mac and plugin a destination you will get a window like this:

Mac Maps

I have never really noticed this before, but if you look in the upper right corner of the Maps window you will see the temperature at that location. Not exactly an epiphany, but still kind of handy if you are planning a trip on your Mac. Yes, you could ask Siri for this information, but if you are already in the Maps App it is right there for you.

If you open the Maps App on you iOS device and plugin a destination you will get a screen like this:

iOS Maps

The weather information appears in the lower right corner. You almost cannot see it unless you really look for it.


So, this is no big deal. It is a feature that fits nicely with using Maps. I don’t know about you, but if I am mapping out somewhere to go I am usually interested in what the weather is like at that location.