The New Onyx

Myself and a lot of other Mac users have been using the excellent Onyx utility App from Titanium Software for many years. It is very well coded and just works great. These folks produce a version of Onyx for every macOS all the way back to 10.2. As good as Onyx is, I am here to tell you it is “new & improved”. A brand new version of Onyx has been released for macOS High Sierra. The new version (3.4.1) is pretty much completely reorganized and I think for the better.


I do not know if this reorged version of Onyx is passed down to earlier OS versions or not. I can only show you what the High Sierra version looks like. Here is how the original version of Onyx used to look like:

Original Onyx Menubar

This is the menubar when you first open the App. If you clicked on Maintenance you got this window:

Onyx Maintenance

If you clicked on Cleaning, which I use the most, you got a window like this:

Onyx Cleaning

However, Titanium has really streamlined these windows and tabs. Check this out. Here is the new menubar for Onyx:

Onyx New Menubar

That is what I call “reorganized”! Most of your work in the new Onyx will be performed in the Maintenance window:

Onyx New Maintenance

A lot of what you see here was contained in the Automation section in the older versions. These are the cleaning routines that most people use in Onyx. But, there is more! If you click on the Options button you get a dropdown window with even more granularity:

Onyx Maintenance Options

There are even more settings here to refine your maintenance routines. Many of these settings were in different parts of the old version of Onyx. I really like how the main function, Maintenance, is all in one place now. That is very efficient, very handy.

The Utilities tab is pretty much the same as the old version of Onyx:

Onyx New Utilities

There is a new Files area:

Onyx New Files

I have outlined a very important caveat here. There are several things you can do in the Files area. However, as you look through here you will see that warning in several places. If you are running any type of SSD or Fusion hard drive you cannot implement many of these settings. Just be careful in this section, much of it may not apply to your Mac.

The Parameters area is pretty similar to the original Onyx as well:

Onyx New Parameters

However, if you move through some of the Tabs in the Parameters area you will see some reorganization and a few new settings you can change. Just go in and explore it yourself.


I really like the “new & improved” Onyx. I am not sure if this reorg and these improvements carry over to older versions. You will have to test the latest Onyx version in whatever flavor of macOS you are running. Onyx has always been a free App. However, some people may not know, it has always been donationware as well. I have donated in the past. If you would like to say thank you for such a great utility, just head on over to the donation page.