I have used text expansion Apps for many years. A text expansion App lets you create an abbreviation of a few letters for a much larger portion of text. There are tons of uses for this type of functionality, more on that in a bit. I started my text expansion workflow with the TypeIt4Me App Ettore Software. However, back in the old days, the interface for TypeIt4Me was awkward. Eventually, I switched to other Apps, but I am here to tell you TypeIt4Me is back with a vengeance.


I am using the new version 6.0 of TypeIt4Me. The layout is great, very easy to use. It is a great improvement over older versions. TypeIt4Me does not use a subscription model. You pay for the software once. Speaking of that, the regular price for TypeIt4Me is $19. However, they are having a launch sale for the new version and the price is now $8! You cannot beat that price. If you are upgrading from older versions the cost is even less.

You can use text expansion for almost any kind of text. Here are some suggestions from the TypeIt4Me website:

Create shortcuts that expand to longer words, phrases or pictures.

Find yourself typing the same things over and over? Build up a set of abbreviations and the full text / image ‘snippets’ that they represent. TypeIt4Me will save you time and keystrokes by automatically expanding them while you continue typing. This works systemwide, in almost any app in which you can type.

Things TypeIt4Me can help you knock out more quickly include:

  • People’s names, email addresses and other contact details
  • Commonly repeated phrases (tgn –> That’s great news! etc)
  • Awkwardly lengthy, hard to spell technical terms
  • Boilerplate texts (e.g. standard legal contract clauses)

I am sure there are other things you can think up that would help you in your daily workflow.

Here is the TypeIt4Me Manage Snippets window:

TypeIt4Me Manage Window

You can create Snippet Group Sets, then put snippets into each group where they fit. You can keep the Groups on your Mac or in a cloud service. I store many of my snippets in iCloud because TypeIt4Me has an iPad App (more on that later). You can use the iCloud snippets on your Mac with no problem. 

To create a Snippet you open the Manage Snippets window either using a keyboard command or from the TypeIt4Me Menubar icon:

Snippet Creation

You then click on the “plus” icon bottom-left corner of the window. That creates a new empty snippet. Move over to the right-side panel and type in the abbreviation for that particular snippet and then enter the full text in the snippet area. When you are finished be sure to click the “Save” bottom in the bottom of the window. That is all there is too it. You can modify and/or remove snippets at any time.

TypeIt4Me Preferences

There are several Preferences for setting up TypeIt4Me in a way that fits your workflow habits. The General Settings area has all the usual stuff:

General Settings

It is pretty self-explanatory. The Triggers Settings ares is pretty important:

Triggers Settings

The Triggers are what causes the abbreviation text to expand in your document. TypeIt4Me comes Default with the normal triggers of Tab, Space and Return. In other words, you type you abbreviation, then if you hit the Spacebar or Return key and the abbreviation text is displayed. 

Next is the Expansion Settings area:

Expansion Trigger

Here you can tweak how you want your expansions to work and/or not work. It is fairly self-explanatory.

The next Preference area is AutoCorrect:


In the AutoCorrect area you can setup some general preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some of these settings. You can always switch them back if you do not like the outcome.

In the Special Preference area you can list Apps you wish to exempt from TypeIt4Me expansions:


In my case I have exempted the Dashlane password App. Dashlane enters passwords and user information automatically, it does not need any assistance from TypeIt4Me. 

You can set HotKeys to perform certain functions in TypeIt4Me:


I have setup the F16 key to open the Manage Snippets window instead of going up to the Menubar all the time.

Lastly, you can setup where you want your snippets to be stored:

Snippet Storage

As you can see, I store most of my snippets in iCloud. However, you can just leave them on your Mac or store them in other cloud services.


I probably don’t use TypeIt4Me as much as some people, but when I do it sure saves me time. I can see super handy uses for boilerplate text and for complicated scientific verbiage or expressions. The uses for text expansion are endless. As far as I am concerned, the price is right for TypeIt4Me. It is a great App that works quite well in High Sierra. You can download a 30-day free trial. What have you got to lose? Download it, try it, I am sure you will want to buy it.