AirDrop In iOS 11

The AirDrop feature has been around in iOS and on the Mac for quite some time. Apple defines Airdrop as, With AirDrop, you can instantly share your photos, videos, documents, and more with other Apple devices nearby. I think it comes in especially handy if you are in an environment that relies heavily on interaction between iOS devices. However, in the wonderful iOS 11 Airdrop is kind of hidden.


In iOS 11 Airdrop is tucked away in the new Control Center. To access it you first must activate the Control Center by dragging up from the bottom of your iOS device screen:

Control Center

Your Control Center may look different depending on how you have it arranged. To get to the Airdrop Settings you long press on the WiFi icon. You will get this next screen:

AirDrop Screen

As you can see, there are a few handy things in this area. If the AirDrop icon is blue, it is activated. If you long press on the AirDrop icon you will be taken into it’s settings area:

AirDrop Settings

To get back to the previous screen just press your Home Button. The Control Center is laid out a little differently on an iPad screen, but you access AirDrop in pretty much the same way.


So, AirDrop is kind of hidden in iOS 11. However, it is not difficult to access it to turn it off or back on to meet your needs.