Email Notification Overload

I get a fair amount of email during the day. When emails arrive the macOS Notifications App gives me a notification, for each email! This can get a little tedious. On the other hand, there are some people I really want notifications from. So, what do you do about this? As you know I use the Airmail email App. It has a feature to only receive Notifications from people you designate as VIP’s, check it out.

Email VIP’s

If you would like to only receive Notifications from specific people during the day all you have to do is give them VIP status. In Airmail just click on the incoming email address and select “Add to VIP”:

VIP Select

I had to block out a few email addresses, but you get the idea. Once you add someone to VIP status then just go into the Accounts area of Airmail Preferences:

Airmail Accounts

Most of my email (about 90%) comes from the top main .Mac email account. All I did was click on the gear symbol next to the account. Once in that window select the “More” Tab:

Accounts More Tab

If you click on the drop down for “Notifications” you can choose “All”; “Only VIP Contacts” or “None”. Sometimes I am tempted to choose “None”, but I think the “VIP” setting is going to work for me. Now, I only receive Notifications from people I have designated as VIP status. This has cut down my Notifications immensely. I can go into Airmail and catch up on my email whenever I wish, but if important emails come in I will know about them.

Now, the Apple Mail App has the same setting. You click on the incoming email account and add it to VIP’s. Then you go into Mail Preferences under the “General” Tab:

Mail Notifications

If you click on the “New message notifications” drop down you get these choices:

VIP Choice

Mail has some different choices. You can select only your Contacts if you wish. I really like that idea, I wish Airmail had that choice. 


If you wish to tone down the amount of email Notifications it can be done! Of course, you can turn off Notifications altogether. But I think the VIP selection (or maybe Contacts) is a happy medium, at least it is for me.