EtreCheck 4.0

I use several Utility Apps on my Macs to troubleshoot problems and keep things running smoothly. One of those utilities is EtreCheck by Etresoft, Inc. This App has been around on the Mac for several years. It is Donationware, you don’t have to pay for it, but I think you may wish to make a donation once you get to use it, especially the new 4.0 version.

EtreCheck 4.0

EtreCheck is primarily used for finding serious problems on your Mac. The current version can be used to removed Adware as well, a nice touch. EtreCheck is excellent software, it is even used by some Apple Tech Support people to get information on your Mac for analysis.

When you first bootup EtreCheck you get this window asking what problem you are encountering on your Mac:

Choose A Problem

Once you choose the problem, EtreCheck goes through and analyzes your Mac. This can take a few minutes:

Checking Hardware

Upon completion the “Generating Report” phase you are taken to a “Start Here” screen. That contains a few paragraphs of how to use EtreCheck, read it if you wish. All of EtreCheck’s functions are in the left sidebar. I always start from the top to view it’s analysis, in this “Major Issues”:

Major Issues

Now, one caveat here, I use other programs to detect and remove Adware, but it would not hurt to at least click on the “Review” button to see what EtreCheck thinks is Adware. In my case, it had several hits on parts of legitimate programs on my system. For some reason it thinks this stuff was Adware. I guess what I am saying is use this function with caution, but it still would not hurt to give it a try.

If you click on “Minor Issues” you will get a screen similar to this:

Minor Issues

I clicked through a couple of these. Under “Clean up” the app located this orphaned file:

Clean up

This was an accurate find. I stopped using and removed this program a while back, leaving this orphaned file.

If you click on “Hardware” EtreCheck shows you information about your Mac:


If you click on “System” the App presents information on your Mac OS and some Diagnostics:


As you can see, EtreCheck does all kinds of stuff. Yes, it has some false positives on some of it’s diagnostics, but that is pretty standard with any Mac utility App. When you use a Mac utility app you have to do so carefully, monitoring what it does. Besides finding a few issues on my Mac, it said it was slower than it should be. That is totally understandable, this machine is a little over 5 years old. That is about 75 computer years. The App is free, just download it and look around in there.


I definitely recommend adding EtreCheck to your Mac utility arsenal. If you already have the older version, the 4.0 version is “New & Improved”. After you have used it a few times, make a donation to the Developer if it is valuable to your Mac troubleshooting workflow.