New Folder From Selection

It seems everyone likes to complain about the macOS Finder. The Finder has been around since the old Mac Operating System days before OS X. Apple has made great strides in improving the Finder in the last few Mac OS iterations, but people still prefer to use Finder substitutes with even more functionality. However, the Finder is more powerful than people realize. There are all kinds of little functions in there that many of us overlook. One of those functions is making a new folder from selected items.

New Folder

Here is my typical workflow when it comes to putting stuff in a new folder. Lets say I have a couple of images that I have created on or downloaded to my Desktop. If I want to save these images, I create a new folder on the Desktop and drag each image into the folder. Then, I name the folder and put the folder in the desired location on my Mac. But, there is an easier way to do this using the Finder’s “New Folder with Selection” command.

Why don’t you try this along with me. Find multiple items on your Mac and select them:

Finder Items

Next, right-click on those selected items and choose “New Folder with Selection” from the top of the drop down menu:

New Folder

When you do that the items are placed in a folder in the same area as the original items:

New Folder Created

Besides creating the new folder, the Finder leaves it in a state of being ready to type in a new name. That is a really nice touch. Once you type in the name you are finished:

New Folder Named

This is not really a big deal, but it does save you a little time from the typical method of creating your own folder, clicking inside it to name it and then dragging stuff into the folder.


The macOS Finder is getting more useful all the time. There are lots of little gems hidden away in there for improving our workflow. We just need to take the time to have a serious look around to discover them.