Search Engine Current Searches

I have used several different Search Engines in Safari over the years. I think most people use Google, but I prefer DuckDuckGo for its privacy features. Using a Search Engine in a web browser is almost a given in today’s computing environment. However, depending on what the engine finds, it can be a time consuming experience. There is a way to streamline your searches.

Current Searches

Here is my typical workflow when it comes to searching for stuff using Safari or another web browser. I type in the search terms and the Search Engine brings up a list of articles for that topic. Then, I scroll through the list looking relevant material. Especially if I am doing some type of tech support I want information that is current! The first thing I look for in an article is when it was written. If I am doing tech on an issue or just trying to learn something I don’t want information from the year 2012 for example. I want current stuff. Well, there is a way to search and find current information in most Search Engines.

Here is the search result in DuckDuckGo for the subject “Macintosh malware”:

DuckDuckGo Search

If you look at the top of the window you will see a drop down menu with “Any Time” showing. To set the search from “Any Time” to a more narrow focus just click on that drop down:

DuckDuckGo Any Time

Now, all you have to do is select the time duration and DuckDuckGo performs the search again using that time parameter. This is a super time saver. For the most part, I do not have to scroll through tons of outdated articles looking for information. The search provides current information, a big plus. 

Here is what this looks like using the Google Search Engine:

Google Tools

If you are using Google just click on the “Tools” link in the top of the search window:

Google Any time

Then, click on the “Any time” drop down menu and choose your time interval. In this case, it appears Google offers a bit more granularity than DuckDuckGo. Once you choose your time interval, Google performs the search once again using that setting.


This is such a time saver! I cannot count the times I have scrolled through pages and pages of search results just to find current information on the topic in question. Give this technique a try, I think you will like it.