Every once in a while I need to export a portion of my Address Book (Contacts) on my Mac. There is no provision for this in the Contacts App nor is there one in the BusyContacts App that I prefer to use. You can export as V Card, but not as a CSV file. So, the other day I went looking for an App that would do this on the App Store and found AB2CSV by Antonio Lorè. It is a simple App for exporting your Address Book to CSV file format.


It is too bad that Apple did not include this type of functionality in their Contacts App. I don’t think it would be too complicated to do. When you first open AB2CSV you get this window:

AB2CSV Main Window

Before you do anything at all click on the Application Menu (upper left corner of the screen) and select Preferences:

AB2CSV Preferences

Here, you can select your whole Address Book or select a specific group from the drop down list”

AB2CSV Drop Down

You can export the list as VCF files, but the real value of this App is to export in CSV file format which can be used by Microsoft Excel and several Mac database programs like FileMaker Pro or Panorama X.

By the way, while we are in the Preferences area you can click on the CSV icon in the menubar which produces this window:

AB2CSV Preferences 2

So, you do not have to export a bunch of extraneous material if you were say, just looking to produce a mailing list of names and addresses in a database.

Now, once you have finished setting up the export, just go back to the main window:

AB2CSV Main Window

You don’t have to navigate and find the Address Book in the system, the App knows where to look. All you have to do is click on that small box and the addresses are exported into CSV format (sometimes the small box is hidden under the main window, you have to find it). It brings up a file dialog for you to choose where you want your file placed, I chose the Desktop.


Obviously, this is a very simple App that does one thing, but does it well. I have exported a few Address Book groups, they all worked just fine when I opened them up in CSV format. AB2CSV costs a whopping .99¢ in the Mac App Store. You really cannot go wrong purchasing and trying it out.