AirDrop In The Dock

In keeping with our AirDrop discussions of late, I came across a way to place AirDrop in your Dock area. If you use AirDrop frequently, this is so handy. Yes, you can access AirDrop in the Finder window, but if you are using a laptop and have lots of windows open, navigating to the Finder can be a pain. Here is how you do this.


Moving AirDrop to the Dock is a convenience thing. If you are not a frequent user of AirDrop, don’t bother with the rest of this article. However, if you use it even a moderate amount, this will save you some time in ease of use. There is another reason why I like AirDrop in the Finder. I use Pathfinder which is a Finder replacement program. It does not have AirDrop in the sidebar area (although I could drag it in there I guess). So, having AirDrop in the Dock is handy. Here is how you get AirDrop in your Dock area.

You do NOT drag it from the Finder sidebar, that only removes it from the Finder. AirDrop is contained in the Finder package. It is not a App you can locate in Applications or Utilities Folders. You have to go into the System level area. Just follow this path:

AirDrop Path
Click for larger image

No, you won’t see AirDrop in the CoreServices Folder. It is hidden instead inside the Finder App. So, right-click on the Finder App and select Show Package Contents:

Finder Show Package Contents

You will be taken to this area:

Finder Contents

Click on Applications and you will see several small Apps including AirDrop. Just drag AirDrop into the Dock and you are done.


Having AirDrop right there in the Dock is pretty handy. It is not difficult to set it up if you think it will enhance your workflow.