AJA System Test

I am always on the lookout for Apps that measure hard drive speed. I have a couple of Apps that cost money that do this. So it is always nice to fine a free App that can measure drive speed. Case in point, the AJA System Test App from AJA Video Systems. Many of these Apps are from video type companies because computer speed is such a big deal in video editing. Lets take a look at AJA System Test.

AJA System Test

When you open AJA System Test you get this main window:

AJA System Test Main Window

You have to click on the “System Disk Test”, make sure your “Target Disk” is set to your main, internal HD and then click on “Start”:

AJA System Test

I forgot to mention you need to make sure MB/Sec is select in the main window. As a matter of fact I think it defaults to this setting. The 486 is a typical speed for my internal Crucial SSD. Keep in mind I am running a 5 year old iMac here.

If you click on the “Settings” link in the left sidebar you get this window:

AJA System Test Settings

You can see the various Settings, there is not much. It is pretty much geared toward video editing, but you can still check the general drive speed of your Mac with it.

AJA System Test does provide a “System Report” if you click on that button upper right corner of the main window:

AJA System Test Report

The report provides a lot of information. It is kind of fine print, but it is in interesting to give it a look see.

Let me close with a couple of observations. I am using and testing AJA System Test Lite. This version is more than adequate for general testing of your HD speed. There is a pay for version which might be preferable if you are a video editor. The Lite version is just fine for the rest of us.

Also, the tests I ran with AJA pretty much matched any other App that I use to measure drive speed on my iMac. In other words, I think it is accurate.

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of information about AJA System Test Lite is that it is free! The Lite version will cost you nothing.


If you are looking for a free version of HD testing software I recommend AJA System Test Lite.