I have used several different Apps over the years for uninstalling Applications. Yes, you can just drag an App from the Applications Folder to the Trash, but several related files are left behind. The claim to fame of Application Uninstaller programs is they remove all files associated with the App you are deleting.  Just recently, the App I had been using to delete programs from my Mac missed listing an Application. When you open the uninstaller section of this program all your Applications are listed. But, there was at least one App that was not in the list. This got me to looking for another App Deletion program.


I have used AppZapper for uninstalling applications off and on for quite some time. It works quite well, I don’t know why I stopped using it. In my quest to find an uninstaller that lists ALL my Apps I downloaded and started testing AppZapper. You can get AppZapper from their website for $12.95. That is a small price to pay for keeping a bunch of application leftovers off your machine. I had an old license for App Zapper version 1. The new version 2 accepted that license which was very cool.

When you first open AppZapper you get this small drag window:

Drag Window

If you are just deleting one Application this works fine. You drag the App into that window and it produces a list of files it is going to uninstall:

File Uninstall

When you click on the “Zap!” Button the files are removed complete with a cool zapping sound! 

However, if you periodically go through your Applications Folder in a cleanup process like I do, then it is easier to click on the small box next to the down arrow in the upper right corner of this window:

Full Window

When you do, you will get a larger window listing all the Applications in the Applications Folder complete with colorful icons:

Main Window

You can scroll through all the Applications on your Mac. When you find one you wish to delete, select it. The files that will be uninstalled will appear in the bottom portion of the window:

Delete Window

For testing purposes I selected the SMART Utility App. You can see the associated files that will be deleted in the window along with the App itself. When you click the “Zap!” button the App and it’s files are removed. 


The new 2.0 version of AppZapper seems to work pretty well. It has been around on the Mac for many years and is supported. It works fine in macOS High Sierra. As far as I can tell, it does list ALL my Applications. If you do not use an Application Uninstaller I recommend you get one. There are several Apps out there that have this functionality. I think App Zapper is one of the better ones.