Over the years I have used a third party App to print envelopes. The one I had been using did not work in High Sierra so I went shopping in the Mac App Store. I came across an App that I had used a few years ago called EasyEnvelopes by Ambrosia Software. I do not remember why I stopped using this App, but it looked ‘new and improved’ so I bought it.


Envelope programs are pretty much designed to print one-off envelopes. If you are printing a whole stack of envelopes you might use the features in Microsoft Word or some other word processing App. EasyEnvelopes is everything I remembered it to be, it is very intuitive. The App is designed really well.

When you first open EasyEnvelopes you get this window:

EasyEnvelopes Main Window
Click for a larger image

The program gets the return address from your “Me” contact in your Contacts App (bear with me, I need to blur out some addresses for obvious reasons). To obtain the senders address you just have to start typing in the little window and it brings up a list to choose from:

EasyEnvelopes List Choose

It inserts the Name and Address of your choice. Then all you have to do to print is click on the Printer Stamp in the upper right corner of the window. I usually print #10 envelopes, EasyEnvelopes does a great job with the spacing of the addresses. You can switch between envelope sizes by clicking the icon in the bottom of the window. When you click on another icon here is what the App does:

If you have the address in place but wish to change the font and size just click in the address area and a small editing menu pops up:

EasyEnvelopes Font Size

Now, if you don’t remember the spelling of an addressee you can search for it manually:

EasyEnvelopes Manual Lookup

You just have to toggle the little button to the right of the lookup window and it switches to manual. You can search by address book or whatever way you have your addresses setup:

EasyEnvelopes Drop Down

EasyEnvelopes has a few preferences:

Nothing earth shattering. I turned off the “Print POSTNET barcode”, set it however you like.


If you print a fair amount of one-off envelopes I highly recommend EasyEnvelopes. It is wroth the $9.99 price tag because of it’s ease of use alone.