JS:Miner Malware

This is why I maintain and run a Virus/Malware program. Case in point, the JS:Miner Malware Trojan which was located on my iMac last night. I run VirusBarrier on all my Macs. Yes, it costs some money for a subscription, but you can set it and forget it. It does “Real-Time Scanning” 24/7. I also schedule it to do a complete scan of my Mac every Saturday morning. Here is what it found today.


This morning when I went onto my Mac VirusBarrier had completed its scan. It was sitting open with this message window:

VirusBarrier Warning

It was telling me it located a piece of malware on my Mac called JS:Miner which is a Trojan malware that sneaks onto your Mac and does bad stuff. Here is a description of what JS:Miner can do to your machine:

First detected by Avast, JSMiner-C is malware that helps developers to mine cryptocurrency. JSMiner-C is essentially designed to cause redirects to malicious sites that mine Monero cryptocurrency. These sites are not limited to mining cryptocurrency – they also proliferate potentially unwanted adware-type programs (PUPs), deliver intrusive advertisements, and collect various sensitive data.
– via PCrisk.com – Online Security

There are different variants of JS:Miner. There is the “C” version, the “E” version and so on and so forth. The bottomline is they do bad stuff to your Mac.

I told VirusBarrier to “Repair” this problem which means it eradicates it from your computer. But, take note of all those folders at the bottom of the above window image. I followed the path of those folders and traced JS:Miner back to Safari as a source. Somehow, JS:Miner was placed on my machine through the use of Safari, possibly a download. I guess I will never know.

Yes, Apple has it’s own malware removal apparatus which is updated on a regular basis:

Malware Removal Tool

But, in this case it missed this piece of malware.


So what is the moral to the story. I know it is an expense, but it is worth it to have some third party type of virus/malware protection on your Mac. There are other Apps besides VirusBarrier. Do a little research on the NET, find one and deploy it. You will not regret it.