Postbox 5 Signatures

I have used several email Apps over the years. I am currently using Postbox 5, an excellent, full-featured email App. I have tried other email Apps including Apple Mail, but always come back to Postbox as much for its feature set as its stability. I have several different email accounts which of course means I need several different Signatures for those accounts. Here is how that works in Postbox with a quick comparison to Apple Mail.

Postbox Signatures

Email App Signatures are all pretty much the same in how they are setup. To create Signatures in Postbox you go to Preferences/Composition/Signatures:

Postbox Signatures

You can see the Signatures listed in the window. To create a new Signature you click on the “plus” symbol. You will be taken to this window:

Postbox Signature Window

Lets take a look at this for a minute. After you type in what you want in your Signature you can use the standard editing tools to tweak how it looks. But, there are more ways to edit this Signature. Just follow the numbers:

1. You can add an image to your Signature. Some people might use this to include some type of logo.

2. You can make a portion of your text into a hyperlink.

3. If you click on the number 3 symbol your Signature will be toggled to HTML:


Some people may wish to tweak the actual HTML code of their Signature.

4. The small “a” symbol is for “Custom Placeholder” text. You can insert “Placeholder” text into an email Signature, almost like a form letter.

In Postbox you can assign one Signature to an email account in the Preferences area:

Account Signature

Here is the Macessence email account. You click on the “Signature” dropdown and select the default Signature for that particular account. When you send an email from that particular account the “default signature” is placed in the body of the email:

Default Signature

You can change the Signature in the email composition window manually if you wish by clicking on the “Signatures” icon.

Very quickly, here is how Apple Mail does it. You access the Signatures area in Preferences. Mail lets you assign as many Signatures per email Account as you wish which is a nice touch:

Mail Signatures

The email Accounts are listed on the left, you add Signatures in the middle column and create the Signature information in the right column. Mail does not have as many editing features in here as Postbox, but you can drag an icon into the Signature if you wish.

Some people even use the Signatures area for what I call “canned text”. Postbox handles this with a separate feature called “Responses”:

Postbox Responses

You create the insertion text much the same way Signatures are created. Then, when you are in an email you call up the text by clicking on the “Responses” icon in the menubar area:

Postbox Insertion

This works quite well, especially if you have several email addresses associated with different businesses or organizations. You can create “Responses” for each entity, a real time saver.


Using Signatures in email is a time saver and can add a decorative aspect as well. I use them all the time. Creating Signatures in Postbox 5 is easy, but whatever email App you use, Signatures are the way to go.